DTBA 2021 August Newsletter

August 4, 2021

Greetings DTBA Members! Please take a moment to review the latest issue of the “TERRITORY BUFFALO NEWS“. This “hot and dry” summer issue features the 2021 scholarship award winners and some news updates from our President, Liz Schroth, our Executive Director, Tammi Cooley, and one of our board members, Greg Nott. You will also find an update on new research projects from the South Dakota State University’s Center of Excellence for Bison Studies, and an announcement about the newly launched Turner Institute of Ecoagriculture. We hope you enjoy reading!

As always, please send us your great buffalo photos and stories and we will share them in the newsletter. We would also encourage everyone to remember to renew their memberships before the end of the year. Our strong membership is what makes the DTBA such a leader in the industry.

We hope you are surviving the heat and lack of moisture this summer, and we are looking forward to some cooler weather this fall.

Many Thanks!
Tammi Cooley
Executive Director