Extended Deadline to Register for Stack the Deck

November 2, 2022

Hello DTBA Members. I wanted to let everyone know that the Board of Directors has decided to extend the deadline to register for the Dakota Territory Buffalo Association’s new annual show and sale, Stack the Deck, until November 15th.

Please take a moment to review the Terms and Conditions of the show and sale before registering. The registration comes in two parts, as detailed below:

  • First, please complete the consignor form to register your animal(s) and submit with your payment. Consignor fees consist of a flat rate of $600 per bull. If you register at least one bull, you can also register a single pen of heifers, any number of head between 1 and 5, for an additional flat rate of $600.
  • Second, please complete the program description form with detailed information on your herd program and how your animals were raised. This information will be part of the competition but will also be great for highlighting the good management practices that our producers implement on their ranches. We also encourage you to send in any videos or photos of your animals or your operation via email to Info@DakotaBuffalo.com if you have them. Remember that this is your chance to really highlight your ranch and your program.

There are two ways to register. You can download a copy of the Consignor Form and the Program Description Form to be filled out and mailed directly to the DTBA with your payment. However, we encourage you to visit our webpage to complete the forms and submit your payment online, now that some technical issues have been solved.

Register by mail: download CONSIGNOR FORM and PROGRAM DESCRIPTION FORM and mail to

DTBA, P.O. Box 1315, Rapid City, SD 57709-1315


Thank you to everyone for your patience, and please send in your applications soon. I am also really looking forward to seeing everyone at The Great Bison Get Together, the DTBA’s 2023 Winter Conference this coming February 2nd-4th in Rapid City, so don’t forget to register!

Hope you all have had a great fall season.

Jim Degenstein, Executive Director, Dakota Territory Buffalo Association

Cell (770) 500-9896